Sorrento Beach Wedding Photography
by Pause The Moment

Love knows no bounds, but as a photographer, I always find there is something uniquely sweet about true love emerging from a childhood sweetheart story. Bec and Ben got together very early in life and decided to tie the knot both in their early 20s, having been together nearly a whole decade already. Their wedding day was an absolute fairytale, and I am proud to show off their Sorrento Beach wedding photography!

A picture of Sorrento beach, a great place for wedding photography

All Smiles at Sorrento

This whole wedding went as planned. The selection of AirBnBs that had decor to match their wedding colour scheme was genius. The cocktail reception at All Smiles Sorrento was laid-back and so suited these two to a tea. Bec & Ben’s planning was perfect, and I admired their relentlessly energetic and upbeat attitudes on the day! And I must say their careful attention to the timing of their portrait shoot paid off!

I started the day catching the end of the hair and makeup at the girls’ AirBnB, where artists @skyedrakemua & Bessie Seal of @Morningtonpeninusulaweddinghairandmakeup had been working their magic! The flowers came from Rosebud Flower Shop, and everything looked amazing. The girls were so excited and ready for the big afternoon ahead. There was a relaxed and happy vibe in the air. More family members appeared, and the champagne started to flow! The moment where Bec’s dad saw her in her wedding dress was a moment for happy tears. There were lots of laughs during our candid portrait time on the property’s beautiful balcony area.

Images of getting ready for a Sorrento Beach wedding by Pause The Moment wedding photography.
A bride has her dress done up before her Sorrento beach wedding

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Sorrento Beach wedding photography by Melbourne wedding photographer Pause The Moment
Relaxed preparations for a wedding
Emotional moment between a bride and her father.

All Smiles at the Boy’s House, Too

Heading over to the boys’ AirBnB things were similarly jovial. Just as planned, the boys were almost ready to go but for a few finishing touches. It was nice to see them all helping Ben, groom to be, with his shoes, tie and cufflinks. These are the photos that give a sense of story to the day and continuity through an album! Sometimes we forget that each partner has no idea what the other one is going through on the day, so going back through the photos later it is great to recall the joy of the pre-wedding banter and friendship between everyone.

The boy's prepare for Ben's Sorrento wedding

Wedding Photography at Sorrento Beach

It was perfect weather, and the vista of Sorrento’s bay was glistening as a backdrop for the upcoming ceremony. Thanks to Mornington Chauffeured Limousines, Ben and the boys arrived a little early! This was the perfect time to get my establishment shots and sort out what I need to shoot through the rapidly changing weather. Being my first crack at Sorrento Beach wedding photography, I was keen to get my bearings. Can I just say – what a stunning place to tie the knot!

A seagull on a love arch at a Sorrento wedding

The ceremony was performed by the fabulous @katsillars_civilcelebrant, who skilfully wove together a fun story of this gorgeous young couple. The bridal party looked great, however Bec and Ben were positively glowing! There were a few times when family members got the tissues out to dab their eyes. The photo of their first kiss as husband and wife was absolutely perfect and for some time was the profile picture for the Pause The Moment Facebook page.

A beach wedding ceremony
Waiting at a wedding
A bride's father walks her down the aisle
A very famous first kiss!

Gorgeous Sorrento Beach Wedding Photography

Our good luck with the weather continued throughout the family portraits and into the evening. While we sadly missed the glowing sunset itself due to the timing of the speeches, that had been a decision made with discussion and planning based on a variety of factors. Nevertheless, the hour before on the beach was fantastic for Bec and Ben and their bridal party. The empty beach below All Smiles was the perfect location for my Sorrento Beach wedding photography debut. After a few champagnes, a heap of VOGUE-worthy photos and lots and lots of happy candid shots, it was time to head inside. It was hard to tear myself away from the party for the drive back from Sorrento Beach to Melbourne! It had been a long and wonderful day, and I couldn’t wait to get my photos on my computer.

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Ben and I LOVE taking photos of gorgeous weddings and beautiful families. I am thrilled with this set of wedding photos from down in Sorrento, and I adored working with Bec and Ben! They did everything right at their wedding, and I feel so lucky blessed to have been chosen as their wedding photographers

All smiles Sorrento couple's first dance

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