Wedding photography is the most important investment you make in all of your wedding planning.

The images created by the artist you select completely flavour and colour the memory of your big day. In years to come, family members who have not yet been born will insist on seeing your wedding photographs.

You shouldn’t leave these memories to chance. The joy, love and excitement of your wedding day must be captured by a professional photographer. Albums and prints are investments that should be of the highest quality.


Why Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography is a very unique niche in the photography industry. Unlike specialist photographers who have 100% control of their subjects and light 100% of the time, a wedding photographer cannot “re-shoot” or reschedule for inclement weather. (Especially a Melbourne wedding photographer!)

A wedding photographer cannot make use of heavy lighting setups. A wedding photographer must also be an architectural photographer and a landscape photographer. They must be a commercial venue photographer and a food photographer. A wedding photographer must also be an excellent portrait photographer, be capable of working indoors, outdoors, at sunset, and on a dancefloor.

As such, all of these elements require specific knowledge, experience, expertise and top-of-the-line equipment for consistent results that make your celebrations shine!

Why choose a professional wedding photographer

Your Special Day, Remembered

Wedding planning incorporates a huge number of elements. You’ve spent months on the artistic details such as jewellery, flowers place settings and the dress. Family and friends have come from interstate, sometimes overseas to share your celebration. There are so many important moments that can’t be repeated or rehearsed.

Once in a lifetime opportunities for generations of family members to gather together and celebrate. So much time, effort and love go in to creating your perfect celebration. It stands to reason that you need a professional to properly capture such treasured memories.


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Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your perfect wedding photographer is one that combines all of these elements with your artistic desires. First and foremost, you must be in love with your wedding photographer’s style. They need to be able to demonstrate to you that they will deliver the results you are after time and again.

The perfect photographer will keep things rolling, solve unexpected hiccups throughout the day, ensure that you pause to enjoy the moment and that you have even more fun than you expected.

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Artistic Vision

You need a wedding photographer who has the experience and desire to help create your vision and create stunning photographic art. It is your vision, after all. It’s so important that you meet your wedding photographer before your wedding so that you can compare your personality and ideas. You need a photographer that knows Melbourne, and understands weddings. You need a photographer that shares your passion for creating beautiful images. Images designed to hang on walls and show off in frames, not just sit on a computer. Your wedding photographer should have modern, up to date technology and skills as well as a firm understanding of classic style.


Part of the Team

Getting along with your photographer is a must! Many people we meet with to discuss their plans are surprised to realise how much time we will spend with them on the day. For some couples, we – their photographers – are the people they will spend the most time with on the day (perhaps more than each other)!

Your perfect wedding photographer will keep things natural, relaxed, and will be cool in a crisis. It is so important that you are feeling on top of everything and confident that everything is going to be fabulous right through the whole day. This confidence will allow joy and playfulness to come through in your images.


Pause The Moment
Professional Wedding Photographer

Hello! We are Michelle and Ben and both of us are keen to be your Melbourne wedding photographer! We hope enjoyed reading the tips above. Hopefully, we’ve given you some insight into why you should choose a professional wedding photographer. Over the years, we have honed our craft to perfection, developing our skills as photographers and helpers on a wedding day. It is not uncommon for us to spend more time with the newlyweds than members of their bridal party. Many of our couples have commented that we became “under-cover” bonus bridal party members on their wedding days! This sort of feedback definitely makes us smile. It’s what drives us when connecting with new couples who are about to tie the knot.

Professional wedding photography

Our Experience Counts

We are passionate about our Melbourne wedding photography business, so we want to help our clients make lasting memories that they and their families will look back on for generations to come. Once the fun of the big day is over, our work is just beginning. While you relax on your honeymoon, we start the huge task of processing and refining your images for your gorgeous wedding gallery. We work with the colour palette of the day and weave our magic on the finer details. The results will take your breath away. Results that you only get by choosing a seasoned, professional wedding photographer.

Quality Photos Deserve to be Printed

You will be provided with stunning professional images, no matter what the world throws at your big day. That’s our job as your Melbourne wedding photographer (and it is our pleasure). Our printing partners have a vast array of wonderful keepsakes that will preserve your photographs for decades to come. Our online gallery and ordering system makes it easy to see your images on the products you desire so that you can order with confidence. The images we create on your wedding day will be treasured by you and those you love for generations, and you won’t regret choosing a professional wedding photographer.

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Melbourne wedding photographer Pause The Moment will capture your wedding perfectly.

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