Melbourne wedding venues

There are so many amazing places to get married in and around Melbourne. Michelle and I have travelled to different parts of the state and seen so many wedding venues. It’s amazing how no two are alike! There is literally so much choice for you when you are looking for a place for your Melbourne wedding photography. From the hills of the Great Dividing Range to the sweeping beaches of the Limestone Coast, literally thousands of venues small and large exist. You are spoilt for choice when looking for a place to get married. Rainforest? No problem! Mountains? Too easy! Beaches? You bet! Victoria is spoilt by how many amazing wedding locations there are, therefore so are you!

montsalvat wedding photography by Pause The Moment

We’ve seen quite a bit of the state over the years. We’ve put together this collection of our work organised by venue so that you may have a look at some of what our glorious state has to offer. We really hope you enjoy browsing this collection of our wedding photography. You can find more in our wedding photography blog, and a bunch of tips for planning your wedding here.


Melbourne wedding photographers

If you are looking for an experienced Melbourne wedding photography team, one that can photograph any wedding venue, then look no further! We’d love to shoot you at any venue in Victoria, and help you to capture your special day properly. Please, get in touch with us here so we can start to organise your wedding photography today!